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Midvale Elementary

Dekalb County Schools

Ms. Flanagan and Ms. Deutsch, Counselors


Counselors: Ms. Flanagan, Ms. Deutsch
Hours 7:00AM to 3:30PM (678) 874-3402
The mission of the Guidance, Counseling, and
Mentoring department is to support the development of
student competencies in the academic, personal/social,
and career domains (learning to learn, learning to live,
learning to work) ensuring that students achieve success
and are prepared to be productive members of society.
Alignment of each professional school counseling
program with the American School Counselor
Association (ASCA) National Model for
Comprehensive School Guidance.

Assisting all students in acquiring the appropriate
attitude, knowledge, and skills that contribute to
effective learning in school and across the life

Assisting all students with the identification of the
appropriate resources needed for academic
preparation and post-secondary options.
Assisting schools with school improvement and achievement 
of adequate yearly progress (AYP)
status by supporting students, reducing dropout
and academic failure rates, and increasing the
attendance and high school graduation rate of

Elementary School Objectives

School counselors work with students on all grade levels
to ensure a smooth transition from one grade level to the
next. In the elementary school environment, students are
taught study and organizational skills that will prepare
them for future schooling. Career exploration and peer
relations are important components of the elementary
guidance program. As students approach the fifth grade,
they are exposed to the prerequisites for middle school
success. Students learn about the scheduling differences,
the importance of organization, class structuring, and the
peer dynamics that they will encounter upon entering
middle school.